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Zack and Jessica
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  Zack and Tori (previous Pair Partner)
Icenetwork- January 17, 2010
Las Vegas Review-Journal- January 23, 2010

Zack Sidhu, New member of the US Figure Skating Team

                                     TEAM USA

“We are excited to represent our country in competitions

with teams from foreign countries”, said Zack Sidhu,

speaking for himself and his pair partner Tori Vollmer.

The pair was recently selected to join the US Figure Skating Team by the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA) for the upcoming competitive season.

Their first assignment is to represent the US in the Junior Grand Prix series in Torun, Poland 

Zack and Tori achieved this honor after many years of dedicated training. They recently won first place honors in the novice pairs 2009 Sectional Championships held in Scottsdale, AZ and are ranked in the upper levels nationally at the novice level.

Zack has been skating since he was three years old and has a room full of trophies to attest to his accomplishments.

Recently he and Tori were asked to skate in the opening 
ceremonies for the World Skating Championships at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Only fourteen skaters were selected for this elite group. They also were chosen by USFSA to participate in the US Pairs Training Camp at the US Olympic Training Center In Colorado Springs, CO. This was for all potential Olympians and eligible Junior Grand Prix Teams. Only eleven teams in the US were honored to be a part of this camp.

Zack is a 17-year old junior honor student at the Bethesda Christian Academy and represents the Las Vegas Figure Skating Club. He trains about 20 hours on ice per week under the watchful eyes of his coaches, Todd Sand and Jenni Meno who are past Olympians, World medalists and USA pairs champions. Zack also puts in an additional 10 hours of off ice training on top of his time spent on school work.

Skating is an expensive sport. Expenses include paying for ice time, on and off ice coaching fees, skates, costumes and travel expenses for himself and his coaches.

He travels to about 6 out of state competitions each year. His coaches and pair partner live in California which has caused him to train in California and has added to his costs.

Zack’s parents, Steve and Cheri Sidhu, are working 2 jobs each to support his increasing skating expenses which are currently about $35,000 per year (about average for someone at his level). Please help Zack financially to reach his goal of representing you and our country in the Olympics. 

Zack and Jessica

Journal Online- December 28, 2010


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