Zack Sidhu

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I am proud to represent Las Vegas and Nevada as a member of my home town figure skating club. I have been a member of the Las Vegas Figure Skating Club since I was 5 years old! I had the opportunity of being coached in Las Vegas by: Karen Howland, Melissa Militano, David Nickel and Kris Amerine
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I have had many coaches over the years, but my coaches that are my mentors and the ones that have taken me through the higher  "ranks" of the skating world are Todd Sands and Jenni Meno. I feel blessed to have them as my coaches!
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and of course I could NOT have done any of this without the un-ending support of my parents! Thank you can not express what you have sacrificed over all of these years so that I could pursue my dream!

I have the support of so many family and friends that I can't list them all but to my Papa and Grandma Sue, my Aunt Jeri, my cousins Bob and Michelle I thank you for your support, encouragement and prayers!

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