Zack Sidhu

About Me

I started skating when I was 3 1/2 years old. The story goes that I was watching Figure Skating on TV with my parents and I made a comment that " I want to jump and spin like that" and since my home is in Las Vegas, NV, and has scorching hot summers, my mom thought it would be a good idea to go skating, have some fun, get out of the heat, and interact with other kids.....little did she know that 14 years later I would still skating. Oh yes, I thought about quitting sometimes, especially when I had to get up so early every single day by 4am so that I could skate before school. I understand the words "dedication" and "commitment" and so do my parents!

I am a member of the Las Vegas Figure Skating Club and now proudly of Team USA too!

 I train in California now , as my coaches Todd Sand & Jenni Meno (plus my pair partner) live there. I am homeschooled through Bethesda Christian Academy as my training schedule is so demanding that regular school is
 out of the question. I train at several Southern California rinks and I also work part time at the rink to offset the
 cost of my skating.

Some things about me you might want to know..

An influential person in my career ....My parents
If I couldn’t be a figure skater, I’d be snowboarder
My favorite sports figure is Scott Hamilton
My favorite team is Boston Red Sox
My favorite city is Mammoth, CA 
My favorite time of year is Winter
My favorite magazine is PC Magazine
My favorite gadget My ipod
My favorite vacation Cayman Islands
My favorite drinks are Root Beer & Cream Soda
My favorite vacation spot is Mammoth, CA

My pet peeves is lint

Three things people would be surprised to find out about me :
I’m Indian  
I love to read       
          I am sort of a computer Geek   
These are the people I’d like to have dinner with:
Scott Hamilton 
Angelina Jolie 
Kobe Bryant

Three things I hate doing

Cleaning , Being Sick , Ballet


Three things I love doing

Sports, Gaming , Sleeping


Three celebrity crushes

    Jessica Alba, Angelina JolieSelena Gomez


Three favorite movies of all time

Disturbia,Willie Wonka,The Girl Next Door


Three things I won’t leave the house without

 iPod, Phone, Food


Three favorite bands

NickelbackForeigner, Fountains of Wayne

Three people you would like to meet

 Selena Gomez, Angelina Jolie, Scott Hamilton


Three best concert I’ve been to

Three Doors Down


Three favorite TV shows

Fringe, Everybody Knows Raymond, Boy Meets World


Three favorite foods

There’s too many

I like to eat!

Three favorite drinks

Root beer, Cream Soda, Orange Cream Soda

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